Educational Partners

Teaching children about animals and nature while having fun is what we do!

Mayana Women Empowerment 

Mayana Women Empowerment Project was established by Kristina Ndyeke in 2018. She recognised that many girls and women living in rural communities cannot afford to buy sanitary pads, and they use ineffective or unsafe practices to care for themselves during menstruation. Adolescent girls often miss school during their periods through lack of sanitary pads.  


The project produces washable sanitary pads and delivers them along with on-site reproductive health education both to women in rural communities and to needy adolescents at rural schools in the Kavango Regions of Namibia. 

Project goals include making a difference by ensuring improved girls’ access to continuous education, thus empowering them and their communities for future development; ensuring better understanding in rural communities of reproductive health issues; and raising awareness of the need to protect the environment from unnecessary plastic waste.

Ombetja Yehinga Organisation (OYO) is a Namibian Welfare Organisation (WO 199) established in December 2002, and officially launched in March 2003. It registered as a trust with the High Court of Namibia in 2009.

The organisation aims at using the arts – both visual and performing – to create awareness and mitigate the impact of the HIV/AIDS pandemic and other social problems such as domestic violence, rape, and the abuse of alcohol and other drugs amongst the youth of Namibia.

OYO’s vision is to develop a society in which there is broad access to information and the arts. By developing their creative skills, young people empower themselves to make informed choices, and thus become more prosperous, increase their life expectancy, and improve the quality of their lives.