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Our Team

We, a group of friends living in Windhoek, decided to try to help kids to remain in school.

We quickly realized that we needed a team in Europe to help us receive donations from the rest of the world.

Our energy and commitment combined with the generosity of donors can make a real difference.



Chairlady - Virginie Schaffert

Coming from France, our creative team leader is empathetic towards others, has thousands ideas and is always ready for action

Secretary - Cäcilia Werner

Our French-German secretary, always in a good mood, never forget to remind us that as a team everything is possible! She will catch the moon to make things happen!

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Treasurer - Marcin Burzyński

Marcin, coming from Poland, is our treasurer. He is always ready to host our meetings and offering us a strong coffee for our long discussions!

Social Media & Website  - Janine Deselaers

This Chilean-German addition to the team has taken up the task to engage more actively on social media, revamp the website and compile the growing data in an easily accessible way. 

Janine enjoys discussions about the strategic approach of BTS and simply loves a good spreadsheet! 

Active Member - Kim Neugebauer

Even though Kim from Germany, active architect and Super Dad on top of it, does not live in Namibia anymore, he is still an active member of our team. 



President - Loïc Richard Luppé

He is, for sure, our young blood in the team!
Student in 4th year of law, Loïc is the perfect one to remind us about our duties! Joyful and hardworking, he's always ready to share  his creativity to start new projects.


Secretary - Florent Mathieu

Florent, a teacher in Primary school, our creative soul loves new challenges. He can't wait to come to visit our schools and set a partnership with a namibian school and his own class in France.


Treasurer - Sandrine Richard

Sandrine, another teacher, our optimistic soul,  thinks every problem has a solution!

She keeps a close eye on our finances and makes sure that donations are coming in regularly!