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The Swap Event in Windhoek

Updated: Jan 6

On the 27th of November we organised a Swap Event in Windhoek in order to do fundraising to provide stationery for schools in need.

But what is it exactly about?

The idea is to empty our wardrobes and renew our clothes.

We all keep clothes that we like but that we don't wear anymore.

Instead of getting rid of them, let's swap them for other loved preowned clothes!

We only accept clothes in very good condition.

This event has been a real success. Thanks to all our friends from Namibia and abroad who accepted to donate nice clothes.

It allowed us to have a large choice on the top of the clothes that ladies wanted to swap.

Our happy donors left the event with bags full of clothes.

They made a donation of 400N$ (~20€) to participate to the swap.

We raised 9170N$ in total!

This will allow us to buy some stationery for schools in need in the Zambezi region, to ensure that learners will be able to attend school for the next accademic year, without any financial contribution from their parents, who quite often can't afford it.

After this success, we are thinking of doing a regular rendez-vous several times a year to encourage people to recycle the clothes that are sitting in their closet while supporting a good cause.

Stay tuned not to miss the next one! Follow us on FB and Instagram!

Read a testimony of happy shoppers!

"What a fun experience the clothes swap was! Found some beautiful clothes for myself and my daughter J! Most importantly, it’s a great feeling to know that all monetary contributions collected will be used to support some of the most vulnerable children in Namibia. We need further innovative fundraising events like this."

Janine A big heartfelt “Thank you” to the whole “Back to School Namibia” team for their great efforts and dedication." Silke

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