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Delivery of school uniforms and stationery in Kavango West

In February, we have been delivering 4 schools in the north of Namibia, in the region of Kavango West.

We received school uniform donations from the parents of DHPS (German private school in Windhoek), art material from DHPS kindergarten & preschool and we were able to buy stationery and sport material with the money raised at our Swap Event.

Those schools had never received any help before, therefore all the community appreciated this gesture.

It helps them to start the school year in better conditions and hopefully will motivate children to come to school regularly.

We urgently need to continue in this region as they don't have stationery at all. Schools and contacts are identified and transport will be organized with lodges and travelers.

If you want to help us, you can make a donation of school material in Windhoek (contact us for collection) or make a transfer on one of our accounts. We will make sure to let you know what we have bought with your founds.

Thank to all of you for your support!

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