Back To School Namibia is a small local charity group which aims to facilitate better learning conditions for kids in rural areas of Namibia.

We liaise with schools in remote areas to learn their needs, and do fundraising to purchase materials to be delivered to schools, especially in remote areas.

Cooperating with tour operators and lodges throughout Namibia we ask tourists to deliver materials on their routes through the country to keep costs at a minimum and to raise awareness for the situation of the learners.

Our Mission

Back to School is supporting children in rural areas of Namibia to receive equitable education through removing barriers that prevent access.

Our Vision

We envisage a world where every child has access to equitable education.


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November 2023

3 cars full of donations reached 3 schools in the Kavango East region. The learners received  uniforms (shirts, shorts, skirts, sweaters, socks and shoes), stationery and sport equipment. Follow our social media (Facebook, Instagram) for more news !

Helping children in remote areas to stay in school by providing stationary, uniforms, and other much needed supplies.

You can be a part of it!

Visiting Namibia for your holiday?

Help us deliver materials to schools in remote areas!

Living in Namibia?

Come visit our second hand markets and clothes swapping events that help us raise funds.

Owning a lodge or company?

Get in contact with us concerning a partnership. 

100% of donations are spent on purchasing stationery as well as educational and sport material.

Visitors to Namibia can help by delivering school materials into remote areas. An opportunity to get to know the country off the beaten track and get into contact with the locals.

We have partnerships with lodges, guesthouses and suppliers of educational materials as well as cooperations with other non-profits working in the field of education.

Back To School Namibia regularly organizes second hand markets and clothes swapping events to raise funds.